Transforming all individuals to SPEAK with power, FEED others in word and deed, and LEAD with positive influence!


Sad looking girl.

A little girl is afraid to go to sleep at night, knowing if she’s not awake when her abuser comes into her room, she’ll be victimized…again.

A 10-year old boy is incarcerated for murder – forced to kill by a man who is no relation to him, but for whom the boy depends on for life’s basic needs.

A teenage girl is labelled “whore” by her own mother, barely known by her father, and beaten by an older sibling daily.

A teenage boy is targeted, cyberbullied, and sees no way out but suicide.

We’re experiencing a crisis.

Children are abused, used, and confused about who they are and the purpose for their life. They lose their voice, and they lose their power.

Our founder, Jackie Bailey was one of those abused children. She lost her self-worth, self-confidence, and the ability to empower her voice. When Jackie discovered the lessons in her experience, and the meaning of her message to others, she was able to fully heal.

Being an advocate for children, mentoring youth in lifelong skills of confidence and communication, and providing a piece of a larger societal safety net for youth without family, is all part of The Speak Feed Lead Project’s mission and curriculum.


A message from Founder, Jackie Bailey:

To stop violence, hatred, drug use, disrespect for life, and incivility; we don’t need more regulation, but EDUCATION. Violence won’t be silenced until we implement EMPOWERMENT.

Children won’t stop HURTING themselves and others, until they see how much they can HELP themselves and others.


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What our students ...

“This course was fun all the time, and I learned how to actively listen.”

Oscar — Grade 4

“Amazing teacher! Eye contact; rules of speech. I learned a lot about speaking on stage in a conversational tone.”

Sanchit — Grade 5

“I definitely learned ‘it’s not about me’. Awesome class!”

Ruohon — Grade 6

“Developing my Message is a helpful tool I learned.”

Shubh — Grade 4

“I learned how to create a speech, and how to give feedback. The formal handshakes were helpful for future needs.”

Eric — Grade 5

“I learned to speak, feed, and lead!”

Haniya — Grade 7

“I definitely learned to listen, invest in others, be kind, and to engage with people in conversation.”

Harish — Grade 4

“I learned a lot about effective conversation skills; and asking questions.”

Eva — Grade 5

“I love it! I increased my vocabulary to help my speeches be better. I learned how to have better conversations.”

Dina — Grade 8

“Use less ‘I’ and more ‘we’ when having a conversation.”

Eric — Grade 4

“I have much more confidence to speak and converse now.”

Ameelah — Grade 6

“It was a great session of classes. I learned many things about public speaking. Ms. Jackie is a great teacher.”

Tooba — Grade 8

“I learned a lot about asking the right questions.”

Felix — Grade 4

“I definitely see the positive changes in my speeches. This was a fun course!”

Sehrish — Grade 5

“I really enjoyed this class. It was so engaging and fun to be with my friends and an amazing teacher.”

Ibrahim — Grade 9

“I really enjoy public speaking because it integrates my interests in theater, creative writing, my own roleplaying game, and community service. When I speak in front of people, I feel empowered. At the beginning of this semester…”

“Today’s competition was difficult and challenging, but I placed 1st for public speaking!”

“I engaged Jackie Bailey’s help with our teen-aged son’s senior project on public speaking and leadership. Jackie coached him during the entire year. it was as if I was watching a beautiful Monarch butterfly begin to emerge from a cocoon. There was an incredible transformation that would stick with my son throughout the rest of his life…”

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