Speak Up Summit

The Speak Up Summit brought 50 amazing speakers and talented experts together to support and empower children around the world! It was originally held in August of 2020 and is now available to you ON DEMAND! Choose any one of six categories to support your child in becoming an incredible communicator and finding and fulfilling their passions in life OR get access to EVERYTHING for only $349 – less than a Starbucks run per speaker for 60-90 minutes of in-depth training and teaching! Get started today.

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Categories and Speakers
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Becoming an Effective Leader
Benny Mobley: Be the Best Version of Yourself
Harriet Tinka: Beyond Ourselves
Jackie Bailey: Unplanned Improv
Katie Miller: Playing with Emotional Intelligence
Mike Iskandar: Traveling Through Time in a Unicorn-Powered Time Machine (The Unusual Secret to Discovering Your Best Self)
Rasheda Kamaria Williams: Brand U: Building your Personal Brand for Good

College Preparedness and Academic Success
Dale Troy: Build Resilience Now: The Key to College Success
Denise Thomas: Your High School Counselor Has it All Wrong
Denise Thomas: Scholarship Secrets: Tips from Prestigious Scholarship Judges
Elan Gepner-Dales: Be the Change
Leonard Webb: Win With What you Have
Linnita Hosten: Mapping Out a Life of Success Now

Empowerment & Self Mastery
Jim Kellner: Why Not You?
Kevin M. Coleman: Sometimes you Win – Sometimes you Learn
Lornette Daye: Three Ways to Survive Lockdown, Limitations, and the New Norm
Roxy Stimpson: A Beautiful Mind
Sindu Sreebhavan: Discover your Infinite Possibilities through Resilience and A Growth Mindset
Solomon Cutler: Worst and Best Time

Expanding your Talents
Donna Renee Beasley: The Art and Storytelling of a Children’s Book
Jean Virnig: Be Like A Rhinoceros
Kimberley Bouchard: A Dream you Can Make Come True
Nancy Bos: The Whole Voice
Nancy Juetten: ABC’s of Common Bio Blunders, and How to Stand Out and Show Up Like a Winner Instead
Todd Wetzelberger: Financial Literacy Not Taught In School

Growth and Resilience
Anna Margolina Ph.D.: The 7 Keys to Confident Speaking – My Journey from Stutterer to Champion Speaker
Deborah Weed: Be Bold. Be Brave.
Jock Elliott: The Journey
Kevin Palmieri & Alan Lazaros: Cultivate Confidence
Lance Miller: Getting Through These Crazy Times
Michael Wimberly: Outside the Box

Health and Wellness
Dr. Ali Lankerani: Unlocking your Brain’s Potential
Alicia Mazari-Anderson Ph.D.: Ready to Go Back to School in A COVID-19 World?
Essi Bagheri: Stop Fearing the Dark; That’s Where the Light Lives
Juan Miolan: How To Tap Into Your Power (Even If You’re A Little Scared)
Lisa Mueller: Mindfulness – Attention and the Now
Paulette Deckers: Understanding Anxiety and Tools to Overcome it

Public Speaking Tips
Alexis Lara O’Donahue: Easy Ways to Sound Like a Speaking Pro
Brenden Kumarasamy: How to Master your Talk
Brian J. Olds: The 5 C’s of Crafting A Powerful Presentation
Coach Debby Handrich: Three Keys to Great Storytelling
Kyle Hall: Don’ts and Do’s of Crafting a Winning Speech
Todd Alan Cudaback: How to Craft a Memorable Presentation

Service to Others
Brenda Jacobson: Using Emotional Intelligence to Help Children Develop the Skills To Be Happy.
Dr. Emily Letran: Courage – Your story, Your Decision, Your Impact.
Jackie Simmons: How to Boldly Start Conversations that Save Lives
Joe Grondin: Speak to Reach
Dr. Natalie Phillips: How to Find your VOICE and Use it For Good on Social Media
Rasheda Kamaria Williams: AmaZing: How Generation Z Can Inspire Change

Speaking and Competing on Stage
Anna Margolina Ph. D.: If you Want to Win you Have to Fail Like A Champion
Cathey Armillas: Rock it Like a TED Talk
Julie Cotton: Using Play for Unity
Rebecca Pierce Murray: How to Shine Like the Star you Are – 5 Virtual Image Tips for Superstar Communicators
Rich Hopkins: Walk your Win Anyway Life
Sunny Fridge, Ph.D.: Why It’s your Time to Speak and Shine

Understanding Your Self Worth
Alison Donaghey: Reclaim your Worth
Carenda Deonne: How to Cultivate Healthy Self-Esteem
Janice Hurley: STEP UP – Increasing Self-Worth and Self-Confidence
Jean Virnig: What are your Superhero Qualities?
Mohammed Qahtani: From Desire to Mission
Treveal C.W. Lynch: WHAT’s Your Sign


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