Six Keys to Life Mastery: Unlocking Life Skills for Successful Living

I used to ask questions that fell flat: Why am I so down on myself? How do I shut off these constant thoughts? Why is every day so robotic and dreary? It is hard for me to believe that those ideas kick-started my day, but it explains why my days were full of challenges. After three visits to alcohol recovery, I started to wake up. Today I can honestly say that I know who I am. I know my gifts, and I am grateful that every morning I wake again to a new day. I also know what I am not, and I do not waste time doing things I am not called to do. People make up their mind to be successful, but they must have principles in place to keep moving each and every day. That’s the life mastery way of living. I invite you to try it out. The keys are in this book.



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