Categories and Speakers

Becoming an Effective Leader
Benny Mobley: Be the Best Version of Yourself
Harriet Tinka: Beyond Ourselves
Jackie Bailey: Unplanned Improv
Katie Miller: Playing with Emotional Intelligence
Mike Iskandar: Traveling Through Time in a Unicorn-Powered Time Machine (The Unusual
Secret to Discovering Your Best Self)
Rasheda Kamaria Williams: Brand U: Building your Personal Brand for Good

College Preparedness and Academic Success
Dale Troy: Build Resilience Now: The Key to College Success
Denise Thomas: Your High School Counselor Has it All Wrong
Denise Thomas: Scholarship Secrets: Tips from Prestigious Scholarship Judges
Elan Gepner-Dales: Be the Change
Leonard Webb: Win With What you Have
Linnita Hosten: Mapping Out a Life of Success Now

Empowerment & Self Mastery
Jim Kellner: Why Not You?
Kevin M. Coleman: Sometimes you Win – Sometimes you Learn
Lornette Daye: Three Ways to Survive Lockdown, Limitations, and the New Norm
Roxy Stimpson: A Beautiful Mind
Sindu Sreebhavan: Discover your Infinite Possibilities through Resilience and A Growth Mindset
Solomon Cutler: Worst and Best Time

Expanding your Talents
Donna Renee Beasley: The Art and Storytelling of a Children’s Book
Jean Virnig: Be Like A Rhinoceros
Kimberley Bouchard: A Dream you Can Make Come True
Nancy Bos: The Whole Voice
Nancy Juetten: ABC’s of Common Bio Blunders, and How to Stand Out and Show Up Like a
Winner Instead
Todd Wetzelberger: Financial Literacy Not Taught In School

Growth and Resilience
Anna Margolina Ph.D.: The 7 Keys to Confident Speaking – My Journey from Stutterer to
Champion Speaker
Deborah Weed: Be Bold. Be Brave.
Jock Elliott: The Journey
Kevin Palmieri & Alan Lazaros: Cultivate Confidence
Lance Miller: Getting Through These Crazy Times
Michael Wimberly: Outside the Box

Health and Wellness
Dr. Ali Lankerani: Unlocking your Brain’s Potential
Alicia Mazari-Anderson Ph.D.: Ready to Go Back to School in A COVID-19 World?
Essi Bagheri: Stop Fearing the Dark; That’s Where the Light Lives
Juan Miolan: How To Tap Into Your Power (Even If You’re A Little Scared)
Lisa Mueller: Mindfulness – Attention and the Now
Paulette Deckers: Understanding Anxiety and Tools to Overcome it

Public Speaking Tips
Alexis Lara O’Donahue: Easy Ways to Sound Like a Speaking Pro
Brenden Kumarasamy: How to Master your Talk
Brian J. Olds: The 5 C’s of Crafting A Powerful Presentation
Coach Debby Handrich: Three Keys to Great Storytelling
Kyle Hall: Don’ts and Do’s of Crafting a Winning Speech
Todd Alan Cudaback: How to Craft a Memorable Presentation

Service to Others
Brenda Jacobson: Using Emotional Intelligence to Help Children Develop the Skills To Be Happy.
Dr. Emily Letran: Courage – Your story, Your Decision, Your Impact.
Jackie Simmons: How to Boldly Start Conversations that Save Lives
Joe Grondin: Speak to Reach
Dr. Natalie Phillips: How to Find your VOICE and Use it For Good on Social Media
Rasheda Kamaria Williams: AmaZing: How Generation Z Can Inspire Change

Speaking and Competing on Stage
Anna Margolina Ph. D.: If you Want to Win you Have to Fail Like A Champion
Cathey Armillas: Rock it Like a TED Talk
Julie Cotton: Using Play for Unity
Rebecca Pierce Murray: How to Shine Like the Star you Are – 5 Virtual Image Tips for Superstar
Rich Hopkins: Walk your Win Anyway Life
Sunny Fridge, Ph.D.: Why It’s your Time to Speak and Shine

Understanding Your Self Worth
Alison Donaghey: Reclaim your Worth
Carenda Deonne: How to Cultivate Healthy Self-Esteem
Janice Hurley: STEP UP – Increasing Self-Worth and Self-Confidence
Jean Virnig: What are your Superhero Qualities?
Mohammed Qahtani: From Desire to Mission
Treveal C.W. Lynch: WHAT’s Your Sign


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