A Deeply Admired Hero

Bernie was the first born of his parents. His mother had an extremely underactive thyroid, which meant that throughout her pregnancy with Bernie, she had very little energy. When it came time to deliver Bernie, she lacked the strength to complete the process on her own.

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Child Soldier – War Hero

After basic training Essi went to the front lines of battle. His role: disassemble land mines. A soldier would be lucky if he had opportunity to find a landmine before it detonated. Very rare circumstance indeed.

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Juice Up Your Life Force

At the age of 30 Christine realized life is more than she ever thought it could be. She began to seek out more wisdom and found it while studying different and varied cultures from her own. Intuition guided her to write her fourth book, and trusting divine timing, the result is a new way of thinking which completely connected with me.

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Positively Zero

“The ancient practice involved gathering the entire family, and, in the presence of a moderator, each member would ask the others for forgiveness. Hawaiian healer Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona updated Ho’oponopono for modern times so that it could be practiced alone.”

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Permission to Feel: EQ Important as IQ

Joanne’s own daughter struggled in her 20’s with a personality disorder and anxiety. In what felt like a hopeless search, Joanne found a woman running groups for parents of children struggling in the way her daughter was. In this group she found no judgement, but instead, acceptance, support, and help.

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