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Transforming all individuals to SPEAK with power, FEED others in word and deed, and LEAD with positive influence!


Registration open now – see our Public Speaking Courses tab!

  • Storytelling Skills
  • Active Listening
  • Discovering Core Values
  • Empathy and Kindness
  • Teamwork Persuasive Speaking and Debate
  • Effective Body Language
  • Feedback and Empowerment


Join us for a 30 minute sample Public Speaking Class!

Learn why empowered public speaking skills are an INVESTMENT in the success of yourself, your child, or someone you love.

Combat the uncertainty of COVID-19 and help your child find his/her voice!

8-Week public speaking courses designed to accommodate every educational situation for every child grade 4 and older.

If virtual learning at public or private school is the plan, or if your child is being schooled by you at home, our public speaking courses work for everyone, and your child will be empowered with confidence in every other academic class.

Our programs provide lifelong skills to help children feel confident in what, why, and how they are who they are.

If we all have to be online due to COVID-19, let’s help our children be social while there. Our classes will keep them engaged, enlightened, and excited about storytelling, debate, and conversation!

If your home school group or pod is interested in a public speaking course designed just for them, contact our founder and curriculum developer, Jackie Bailey at 425-503-5954 for more information.

It’s never too late to empower your child with public speaking prowess! There’s a convenient 8-week class forming now, and we’re waiting for you to join us!

The Speak Feed Lead Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Federal Tax ID 84-4093071


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