Transforming all individuals to SPEAK with power, FEED others in word and deed, and LEAD with positive influence!

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  • Storytelling Skills
  • Active Listening
  • Discovering Core Values
  • Empathy and Kindness
  • Teamwork
  • Persuasive Speaking and Debate
  • Effective Body Language
  • Feedback and Empowerment


Join us for a 30 minute sample Public Speaking Class!

Learn why empowered public speaking skills are an INVESTMENT in the success of yourself, your child, or someone you love.

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What our students

“This course was fun all the time, and I learned how to actively listen.”

Oscar — Grade 4

“Amazing teacher! Eye contact; rules of speech. I learned a lot about speaking on stage in a conversational tone.”

Sanchit — Grade 5

“I definitely learned ‘it’s not about me’. Awesome class!”

Ruohon — Grade 6

“Developing my Message is a helpful tool I learned.”

Shubh — Grade 4

“I learned how to create a speech, and how to give feedback. The formal handshakes were helpful for future needs.”

Eric — Grade 5

“I learned to speak, feed, and lead!”

Haniya — Grade 7

“I definitely learned to listen, invest in others, be kind, and to engage with people in conversation.”

Harish — Grade 4

“I learned a lot about effective conversation skills; and asking questions.”

Eva — Grade 5

“I love it! I increased my vocabulary to help my speeches be better. I learned how to have better conversations.”

Dina — Grade 8

“Use less ‘I’ and more ‘we’ when having a conversation.”

Eric — Grade 4

“I have much more confidence to speak and converse now.”

Ameelah — Grade 6

“It was a great session of classes. I learned many things about public speaking. Ms. Jackie is a great teacher.”

Tooba — Grade 8

“I learned a lot about asking the right questions.”

Felix — Grade 4

“I definitely see the positive changes in my speeches. This was a fun course!”

Sehrish — Grade 5

“I really enjoyed this class. It was so engaging and fun to be with my friends and an amazing teacher.”

Ibrahim — Grade 9

“I really enjoy public speaking because it integrates my interests in theater, creative writing, my own roleplaying game, and community service. When I speak in front of people, I feel empowered. At the beginning of this semester…”

Hear from Charlie – SpeaKABOOM Gavel Club President

“Today’s competition was difficult and challenging, but I placed 1st for public speaking!”

Hear from Jason – Future Business Leaders of America Speech Champion

“I engaged Jackie Bailey’s help with our teen-aged son’s senior project on public speaking and leadership. Jackie coached him during the entire year. it was as if I was watching a beautiful Monarch butterfly begin to emerge from a cocoon. There was an incredible transformation that would stick with my son throughout the rest of his life…”

Hear from Kim – Parent of a former student

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