Positively Zero

Positively Zero

Zero has negative connotations, even though it is just a number.

Life is a zero-sum game.”

He’s a real zero, man!

Cars are lauded for going zero to 60 mph in seconds.

That’s a lot of fuss about nothing; or it’s all or nothing.

Start with a blank slate.”

We often zero in on something; or we zero out on everything. Most of us have zero tolerance for zero dark thirty, and ground zero is a moniker for a significant place of note.

Zero means none, nothing, naught, or nil. Zero is usually not an indication of success.

Until now.

Mabel Katz has now defined Zero Frequency as THE place to be, THE goal to strive for, and THE greatest source of peace and happiness.

Zero Frequency is the name of Mabel’s book, and its arrival on ground zero of a pandemic could not have been timed more perfectly. 

Mabel learned the ancient Hawaiian art of problem-solving known as Ho’oponopono. (Those are o’s, not zero’s) It transformed her life and Mabel spent twelve years as an apprentice of the practice, leading to the birth of Zero Frequency®.

The ancient practice involved gathering the entire family, and, in the presence of a moderator, each member would ask the others for forgiveness. Hawaiian healer Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona updated Ho’oponopono for modern times so that it could be practiced alone.

Mabel Katz

The process of Ho’oponopono in today’s terms is to discover the divinity within oneself and to achieve complete freedom from the past.

So, what is Zero Frequency®?

Simply put, Zero Frequency® is our natural way or condition, who we really are. It is the magic way of living twenty-four/seven in inspiration, freed from the chains of all our subconscious programming and all our preconceived ideas, memories, and beliefs. When we are at Zero, we are our authentic selves, able to access our true talents and natural gifts.

Mabel Katz

Mabel explained that those who ascribe to numerology believe that numbers have vibrations. The number zero resonates with the vibrations of eternity, flow, and wholeness. It also represents choice.

Zero is also the symbol of nothingness; we often perceive that to be negative in nature. That is so far from the truth! Mable claims it is in this nothingness that we experience an absence of all the memories, thoughts, beliefs, and actions that have held us back. It is in this nothingness that all answers are revealed.

Mabel’s book speaks to the heart. As you read it, you may find yourself slipping into the state of Zero Frequency®. You may feel peaceful and creativeHer book will take you on an inner journey and teach you how to choose to go back to Zero moment by moment.

It’s possible for you to be truly happy and fulfilled, and there is a simpler path toward what you want.”

Mabel Katz

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